I have a dear friend.  We met in a stand-up comedy class, which taught us both some valuable lessons about writing, performing and the nature of the business. It was a great experience, to be sure. But it paled in comparison to meeting this wacky and wonderful woman who I now count among my closest friends in the world.

Without really trying, she taught me the concept of affirmation.

If you clicked, you were taken (hopefully) to Wikipedia. If not, I will offer this abbreviated definition:

Affirmation is the act of making a positive statement about your life, your aspirations, or the life and aspirations of otherswith the intent of creating that positive reality for yourself or others.

We don’t have to be eloquent wordsmiths. We don’t need to spend hours creating a masterpiece, framing it and hanging it on the wall for all to see.

Just open your mind and your heart, and then your mouth.

That’s exactly what my friend did. We were having a chat on the phone one day, several months ago. And without fanfare or flowery phrasing, she matter-of-factly said, “Well, you’re a medium.”

And in that moment, something inside me clicked.

Yes, I am a medium. I’ve known that and said it for over twenty years. But at that time, almost a year ago, when I was at a crossroads and trying to decide how to proceed with my abilities, she gave me that affirmation. It was the impetus to change career paths, focus my intention and embark on this adventure my clients and readers know as “Jeff the Medium.”

In a nutshell, living with intention (positive, constructive intention, of course) is the act of living and acting with a specific purpose, or set of purposes. In a broader, philosophical sense, living with intention should involve creating a paradigm shift; moving away from a negative status quo, whether it be in your personal life or the world in general.

Intention should be change for good.

When we use affirmation and intention in our own lives, we uplift ourselves.

When we offer affirmation and intention to (and for) others, we uplift the world.

I treasure my dear friend. She is wise, loving, and gives of herself freely.

She is a healer, both through her chosen profession and her psychic gifts.

(Yes, those were affirmations. See how easy it is?)

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Affirmation and Intention: Powerful Tools for Living and Giving
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2 thoughts on “Affirmation and Intention: Powerful Tools for Living and Giving

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    Yes, you’re right! There’s nothing more powerful than knowing for certain WHO YOU ARE! And affirming that knowledge is magic! I tell myself every day what a GOOD girl I am, how PROUD of myself I am, and I always personalize it by calling myself by name! May sound silly to anybody else, but it speaks to ME, and that’s what’s most important in my experience! Thank you for affirming the goodness and truth in this world, Mr. Medium! You are truly loved! 💕

    • at

      Thank you for the feedback and that wonderful affirmation! 🙂

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