“I contacted Jeff for a reading in late winter/early spring. Jeff immediately connected with my Mother by name. I was truly amazed!

Jeff also connected with either my Father or eldest brother. We weren’t entirely sure since they both share the same name. In hindsight I would say that it was my brother since he had recently passed.

It was a wonderful to be able to have contact and conversation with deceased family members through Jeff.

Jeff also came up with some information of a personal nature that was very valuable to me.

I would recommend a session with Jeff. The whole experience was eye opening and enjoyable!”
– L.E., Maryland

“Amazing! Jeff is an extremely talented medium. He is astounding!”
– D.C., Phoenix, AZ

“Having known Jeff as a friend first, then meeting with him as a medium was truly an extraordinary experience and even more than I expected!

Someone who was very close to me for most of my life chose to come forward in a very meaningful manner and I was very touched.

Jeff truly is a professional who easily will put any client at ease and I am so very grateful for his gift!

I would highly recommend a consultation with Jeff.”
– P.F., Chandler, AZ

“My recent experience with Jeff the Medium was both positive & uplifting.
He is the REAL DEAL for things were told to me that only a true medium could relate.

Thank The Lord for people like him who bring both closure & peace to many people’s lives.

May God continue to help you bring these true gifts to others.”
– P.J.C., Peoria, AZ

“During the session, Jeff served as the medium to transmit two pieces of information that were profound and incisive.  They could have only come from the person for whom I was grieving.

Just, yesterday, I pondered one of the messages and felt a need to correct my course of action in view of the wise and compassionate warning/advice that I had received.

So, the session was not just one that sated curiosity, but also provided a source of reflection in subsequent months.”
– J.C., Raleigh, NC

“I got goosebumps during the reading. There really is life after death.”
– K.H., Gilbert, AZ

“Thank you so much for coming to my house today to talk with my mom and I. I don’t even have the words to tell you how much it meant.”
-K.G., Chandler, AZ

“I’m so glad that after reading an interview with Jeff in a local newspaper, that I decided to make an appointment. Jeff is not at all what I imagined a medium would be like. I felt totally at ease with Jeff. I was able to get messages from my mom who died last year and Jeff was spot-on with information that only my mom and I knew. It was a great experience for me and I have already recommended Jeff to a number of friends who knew that I was having the reading today. I would call Jeff again without hesitation.”
-V.J., Chandler, AZ

“My reading with Jeff was a wonderful experience. He is very kind and keeps you at ease.  I was able to communicate with the person that I wanted. It was reassuring to hear that she is no longer in pain and felt happy.  I also learned a few things about my children that I found valuable.  I learned a lot from the reading and look forward to doing another in the future.”
-K.B., Gilbert, AZ

“Jeff is such a wonderful person and a great medium. He made me feel at ease with his grace and was able to contact spirits that were close not only to me but also my mother and daughter. I also felt energized after he left my home and with a wonderful feeling of hope. Thank you Jeff!”
-M.G., Paradise Valley, AZ

“I have known Jeff for a number of years and I have never “hired” him in a professional capacity. But he has perceived the presence of my late mother under several circumstances and has conveyed information that he could not have known and communicated with turns of phrase that would have been characteristic of Mom, whom he never met. He has often picked up on things unsolicited. I know him personally and know him to be honest and real.”
-J.R., Providence, RI

“Jeff, thank you so much for filling in some gaps that had me worried about how I treated my late Uncle. I immediately knew you were on-target when you mentioned the three marbles he had placed in my hand right before he died.

Between his messages and your guidance, I learned that there is something after this life, and that love is abundant. I have told everyone about you.
Thank you!”
-C.J., Scottsdale, AZ

“I really wasn’t sure what to think when you first came into our house. I had been holding in a lot of emotional stuff. When you walked over to my mother’s picture and said, “She’s telling me that you need to stop getting fingerprints all over the nice frame”, I knew you were hearing straight from her. She hated fingerprints.”
R.D., Fountain Hills, AZ

“The words of the song go something like this:  ‘I would love one more day, one more hour.’ Well… Jeff gave me that when he brought my mom and dad home to me for a visit. A day that will affect my life forever.

When he first walked in he said, ‘There is a lady who says I walked past her picture and didn’t say how pretty she is… she says her name is Mollie.’
I knew then all my prayers were answered. I knew then mom and dad were coming for a visit.

My life has changed in an hour.  I  have not just felt closure. That seems way too simple. I felt so much relief.  She is fine.  She spoke with words that she used when she used to give me advice. I could just hear her talking!

Jeff has a gift. It would not be given to him if it wasn’t meant to help people thru the hardest hours and days of their lives.”
-J.S., Mesa, AZ

“I have been to mediums a few times in the past and I always left with the thought that the information that was given was very general and that they were no real indicators that helped me believe.

This is not the case with Jeff.  The reading was very direct and the information that was given to me were things that only the person in spirit would have known.  Jeff truly has a gift and my life and my view on the afterlife and spirituality is much more concrete with this reading.
Thank you, Jeff”.
-M.P., Phoenix, AZ

“Both times that I have worked with Jeff he has provided me with truly helpful and specific information from my deceased family members. He’s not the typical psychic/medium I have been accustomed to seeing. Jeff is very kind and you can tell he works hard to accurately and tactfully relay the information he is receiving. Not everything that our spirits have to say is “flowery”. They sometimes need to set us straight! Jeff gets the message across in a mindful manner. I highly recommend his services”.
A. B., Phoenix, AZ

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