This is going to be a fun post!

(Well, they’re all fun, but I have an especially good vibe about this one).

And having said that, this one might run a bit long, so stick with me, folks!

First, a brief explanation of this post’s title. “Once touched, never forgotten; never forgotten, always touched” is the greeting and farewell used by my spirit guide, Charles, and his people. It’s their version of “Aloha!”

And it’s appropriate because we’re going to talk about previous lives and how we are forever touched by the people (and pets) and experiences we have in those past lives.

A musician colleague of mine in San Francisco wrote me after reading my post about animals and how their souls are organized. The post resonated with him because he believes that his two dogs, Jakub and NaeNae, were also his companions in a previous lifetime. But beyond that, he shared with me a vivid experience (parenthetical comments below are mine, added for clarity):

“I know for certain that my Jakub, who passed last year, and my girl NaeNae who passed 2 years ago, were in at least one lifetime with me as the exact same dogs; I can remember that I was a plantation owner in the 1800’s and they were my companions, I had many slaves and a wife, but I can’t remember what names I called them (the dogs); when I found both of them in 1999, first Jakub and then NaeNae, I felt something instantly [mind you, I had never had a pet in this lifetime before them] and I couldn’t shake the intensity of how I felt towards them, then about a year later I had this dream/vision where I woke up completely drenched in sweat and was sobbing and I could recount the details of my life with them on the plantation, as the dream was closing it was at that point that they both passed in a terrible storm in which I lost all my crops as well.”

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

It is incredible, but experiences like this are not as uncommon as most people think.

When we are in the dream state, our psychic walls come down a bit and as I have mentioned in previous posts, allow spirits to more easily communicate with us.

But something else sometimes happens: the stored record of our past lives, which we all carry with us into each incarnation, sometimes “leaks” into our consciousness and results in a home-grown past-life regression. It can be quite startling, but if we put our initial fear aside, the experience can be enriching, as well.

It’s important to bear in mind that over the years Charles has imparted a great deal of information to me. And his desire is for me to eventually publish a book so that he may share his insights with everyone.

In the meantime, I encourage everyone to listen to their hearts, open their minds, and engage their souls. It’s a fantastic journey if you allow it to be!

Please feel welcome to comment below.

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Once Touched, Never Forgotten
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