I have intentionally hesitated to address current global events. And while this article is not about COVID-19 specifically, it was inspired by what I’m sensing all around me during this pandemic.

Spoiler Alert: This is a truly geeked-out article. Put your propeller hat on now.

So, here we are. Most of us are locked-down, locked-in or locked and loaded, if not all three.
The current uncertainty we experience, both individually and collectively, leads us to ask, “What next?”

The short answer is: No-one knows. Not exactly, anyway.
No scientist, no philosopher, no politician, no religious leader.
And certainly, not me.

However, having a guide (Charles) who has been in and out of my life since I was five, has given me different insights into past and current events, and occasionally future possible outcomes.
What does that mean? A short background might be in order…

When Charles re-entered my life in the early 90’s, one of the first things he explained to me was that quantum mechanics is real, and that we were on the verge, as a species, of discovering its remaining secrets. He also explained that what scientists call “Quantum Multiverse” theory (also known as “Many Worlds Interpretation”) was close to being accurate, although we still had some wrinkles to iron out. (And apparently some scientists in Australia are now doing that, which I’ll touch on later in this article).

So, how does that help us deal with uncertainty?
In a nutshell, from one event can spring multiple universes, with multiple outcomes, whenever a change affecting that event occurs. Although we, as physical beings, cannot cross over from one universe to another, as spirits we apparently are capable of perceiving the different “versions” of reality. Think of them as paths. When all versions of ourselves act in a similar manner, all paths eventually lead to the same (or a very similar) future possible outcome. And although we can’t physically sense those other universes, according to Charles they can sense and influence each other.
In Australia, a team of scientists coined the term, “Many Interacting Worlds” to describe this theory.
For my fellow musicians, this is the metaphysical equivalent of sympathetic vibration.

In this world we live in, we are more capable of creating change than we realize.
Let me repeat that, because it’s worth repeating:
In this world we live in, we are more capable of creating change than we realize.

We can do it by acting responsibly and mindfully, rather than reacting thoughtlessly.
We can do it by standing up for what is right, truthful and factual.
We can do it by caring for ourselves and for our community at large.
We can do it by making a conscious effort to not only survive this pandemic, but to grow from the experience.

Let’s work together for the best possible outcomes.
In all possible worlds, in all possible ways.

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In All Possible Worlds, In All Possible Ways
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4 thoughts on “In All Possible Worlds, In All Possible Ways

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    Thank you so much for your posts Jeff. Absolutely fascinating!!

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      You’re very welcome, Paul!

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    As the insanity of pandemic reactions continue, I’ve been finding myself amazed at how many people appear to be BORED rather than fascinated by the developments; boredom, like unhappiness, is a choice. Thank you for your reminders to keep looking for new possibilities, Jeff – we need those options and insights more than ever now! ❤️

    • at

      Yes, Marilyn, I think you’re right. We don’t live in boring times. This is not “business as usual”.
      Thank you for staying connected. I don’t blog often but I really appreciate my readers!

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