Recently I had a phone conversation with someone I think of as both a friend and colleague.

In what has become fairly commonplace, I first “met” him via Facebook, as a “friend of a friend,” meaning that we’d never actually met, but we had a (presumably) “real” friend in common.

This man used to live in the Phoenix area and had since relocated to Los Angeles to study acting.

There are no accidents.

Over the course of several months, I learned that this fellow and I had something else in common: we are both mediums.

So, as it turned out, he was coming to visit friends in Phoenix and invited me to meet in person and chat over iced tea. I had a great time.

As it also turned out, we had more than just “light work” in common: we had both been through some rough spots, rebuilt ourselves and moved forward.

So, what does all this have to do with gratitude?


You see, I could have met him when he lived in Arizona, but it wasn’t the right time.

The Universe sends us the right people at the right time. The trick is recognizing those special people when they arrive, being grateful that we have them in our lives, and expressing that gratitude both to them and the Universe.

I am very grateful to have met Seph Dietlin.

During the phone conversation I referenced earlier, Seph told me that he felt I should reconsider blogging. I’ve been averse to it because I’ve had a fear that my blogging would end up being more about my personality than my personal journey. Narcissism. As a human being I am prone to it.

Yes, you’re going to learn about certain events in my life, but if I’m doing this right, I’ll only be sharing the events that convey a message or something helpful.

Seph suggested that the simple act of blogging had the potential to open up the spiritual channel that exists within me and bring through information and insights to my readers.

As he put it (and I am paraphrasing a bit),

“What do you have to share? You haven’t even seen it yet. You will bring it through the connected-ness between what you do know and what you bring through… the process of blogging has direct energetic results, including changes in your Auric field”.

So, if by blogging I am opening myself to the Universe, and in some cases, my guide, Charles, I can bring clearer insights to my readers and clients.

There are benefits to me, as well: attracting new readers, clients, and colleagues like Seph.

In metaphysical terms, we are often drawn to people, sometimes for no apparent or conscious reason, due to the energy (the Auric field) they project.
Potentially, it’s a win-win situation.

There are no accidents.

So, I am going to work towards implementing my friend’s suggestion to blog more frequently.

I ask my readers to tell their friends about me, my blog and my services.

And to my friend and colleague, Seph Dietlin, I send my gratitude: Thank you.

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