Affirmation and Intention: Powerful Tools for Living and Giving

I have a dear friend.  We met in a stand-up comedy class, which taught us both some valuable lessons about writing, performing and the nature of the business. It was a great experience, to be sure. But it paled in comparison to meeting this wacky and wonderful woman who I now count among my closest friends in the world.

Without really trying, she taught me the concept of affirmation.

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Recently I had a phone conversation with someone I think of as both a friend and colleague.

In what has become fairly commonplace, I first “met” him via Facebook, as a “friend of a friend,” meaning that we’d never actually met, but we had a (presumably) “real” friend in common.

This man used to live in the Phoenix area and had since relocated to Los Angeles to study acting.

There are no accidents.

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