Once Touched, Never Forgotten

This is going to be a fun post!

(Well, they’re all fun, but I have an especially good vibe about this one).

And having said that, this one might run a bit long, so stick with me, folks!

First, a brief explanation of this post’s title. “Once touched, never forgotten; never forgotten, always touched” is the greeting and farewell used by my spirit guide, Charles, and his people. It’s their version of “Aloha!”

And it’s appropriate because we’re going to talk about previous lives and how we are forever touched by the people (and pets) and experiences we have in those past lives.

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Affirmation and Intention: Powerful Tools for Living and Giving

I have a dear friend.  We met in a stand-up comedy class, which taught us both some valuable lessons about writing, performing and the nature of the business. It was a great experience, to be sure. But it paled in comparison to meeting this wacky and wonderful woman who I now count among my closest friends in the world.

Without really trying, she taught me the concept of affirmation.

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Recently I had a phone conversation with someone I think of as both a friend and colleague.

In what has become fairly commonplace, I first “met” him via Facebook, as a “friend of a friend,” meaning that we’d never actually met, but we had a (presumably) “real” friend in common.

This man used to live in the Phoenix area and had since relocated to Los Angeles to study acting.

There are no accidents.

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