Recently, at my gym, I was accosted in the locker room by a fellow member whom I must assume was a fundamentalist. He either recognized me from my business cards which are displayed on a wall along with many other local business’ cards, or perhaps by word of mouth.

He began speaking loudly, above the din of the crowd (there were about 8 other men present at the time). “Fortune tellers are the agents of the devil, my friend,” he said. And he began getting rather impatient as he realized everyone was staring at him, but no one was nodding their head in agreement with him.

Perhaps they were simply stunned, as was I.

The nervous man pulled out a pocket-sized New Testament and shook it at me, saying, “The wages of sin are great!”

I stepped right up to him, not more than three inches from his face, smiled and said, “The wages of sin are $150 an hour. Would you like to book a reading?”

Laughter erupted from the captive audience. He just stepped away and went back to his business.

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Photo: Jan Laugesen

The Wages of Sin
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